Precision Dentures; Upper and Lower, $3,520.00

Precision Dentures are our best denture. They include Dentsply Portrait, Ivoclar or Heraus-Kulzer teeth. These teeth are all multi-layer, colour blended, high density acrylic which can last seven to ten years. All of them have been designed to look like natural teeth.


Our production protocol includes SR-Ivocap injection molding for all our new precision dentures.The material used for the denture base is Ivoclar High Impact injected acrylic that has additives in it which  help it to withstand damage. I have been using this acrylic for over ten years and I am very impressed with the strength, flexibility, durability and colour fastness. For you this means strength, flexibility, beauty and excellent fit, everything you want in a quality denture.

There are eight appointments needed to fabricate a standard set of dentures. Some may be combined to save time and travel.