Immediate Dentures From $1670.00 and up.


What is an immediate denture?


An immediate denture is a denture that is constructed before the teeth are removed and is inserted immediately after the extraction surgery. They are not very accurate because there is no way to estimate how the surgery will affect the shape of the gums.


What is good about immediate dentures?

  • No waiting period without teeth
  • The denture acts as a bandage, keeping the surgery site clean and putting pressure on the wounds

What is bad about immediate dentures?

  • Considered temporary
  • A second set of dentures may be needed after about a year if anatomical changes have been too great
  • Bone that was between teeth often does not reduce as much as needed and a second corrective surgery is required
  • Requires frequent adjustment
  • May not look the way you desire, you can not try in the denture
  • They cost more

Immediate dentures require a significant amount of additional work on the part of the denturist and this is reflected in higher costs for the patient. Higher initial cost and the possibility of having to replace “new” dentures in twelve months because they do not look as good as expected may be enough of a reason to delay the purchase of dentures until there has been sufficient healing.


What do we recommend?


We want our clients to have the most promising opportunity to be satisfied with their dentures. We believe that waiting for a few weeks to allow for initial healing is the best choice. At that time we can take impressions of tissues that have been stitched and the bone has been reduced so as not to present a problem later. We can now construct a denture that incorporates physical changes due to healing, jaw orientation and aesthetic wishes of the patient. Any changes in appearance can be seen at try-ins and corrected until satisfaction of the patient and denturist is achieved. A reline will still be required at about one year post extractions to compensate for continued bone loss. This choice also represents a significant financial saving for the client.

Standard or Precision Processing? I recommend standard processing. Your new immediate denture will need both temporary liners for a year and then a permanent reline after about 12 months. no need for precision yet. Save the precision processing for your second set in 2-5 years.