New services as of March 2020

After long (years) of negotiations denturists are now allowed to offer more services to the public without a perscription from a dentist. These services include bleaching trays and mouthgards. We are also allowed to work on hybrid cases which are partials that are supported by both natural teeth and implants. 

Accura Denture Clinic is researching digitaly designed and produced dentures. I am investigating a partnership with a major dental product developer to be able to offer you something you will be happy with and that I have confidence in. Right now computers do well with custom trays and immediate dentures according to many of those who use them often in dental labs. As an asside: I just had an inlay done that was carved with a milling machine and the fit went very well. Nice job Dr. Prange, see you soon I hope! 

Thanks for catching up on my website, come back soon!