Maintenance and care of your new Dentures




  • Remove dentures every night

  • Soak denture in denture cleaning solution (e.g. Polident tablet) for a maximum of 20 minutes only, then rinse well and soak in a warm water bath for the rest of the night

  • Light brushing with a very soft nylon brush is acceptable

  • Use of a damp wash cloth over the denture would be better

  • Continue to use a regular soft tooth brush to clean and stimulate tissues (gums) and tongue daily

  • Do not use hard abrasives such as toothpaste and bleach on the denture



  • Soft foods recommended for first few weeks (e.g. cooked vegetables, eggs, fish, cooked cereal, pasta). Try to avoid raw vegetables, crunchy fruits, nuts, red meat, etc.

  • Chew on both sides

    Take small bites, cut food into smaller pieces

  • Chew slowly


Sore spots:

Sore spots are either acute short term or chronic long term injuries. The acute sorespot is usually caused by a foreign object such as a strawberry seed or hard crumb stuck under the denture. Chronic sore spots are from repeated movement of the denture against soft tissue. If your sore spot does not go away after two days and a thorough cleaning of the denture and your gums please call to have an adjustment made, there is no charge.


  • Do not adjust your denture, let me pinpoint the sourse of the problem and solve it for you.

  • Remove new dentures and wear previous dentures (if available) until an appointment can be arranged with your denturist. The morning of the appointment day, wear your new dentures in order for the sore spot to re-appear. This will enable the denturist to accurately locate the affected area. Remember, post-insertion care is a part of your service package.

  • A break in period for new dentures can be a few days to a few months depending on your anatomy, your continued patience is appreciated.


Annual Recall:


  • Annual recalls are a very important component of your continual oral health care.

  • It is necessary to go in for a check up even if there is no imminent pain noticed with the denture. Many problems do not show any apparent symptoms immediately